Workshops for instrumentalists

Instrumental Workshop JUL 23-27
With Deborah StraussNora ThieleAlan Bern (Co-Coordinator)Yair DalalChristian Dawid (Co-Coordinator)Yagel Haroush
Yiddish and Judeo-Arabic music with world class artists from the USA, Israel and Germany. 

Song Workshop accompanying & arranging JUL 30 - AUG 5
With Naomi Cohn ZentnerSveta KundishEsti Kenan-OfriSasha Lurje (Co-Coordinator)Alan Bern (Co-Coordinator)Yair Dalal 
Yiddish, Sephardic and Judeo-Arabic vocal music with world class artists from the USA, Israel, Germany and Latvia. >> more

Introduction to klezmer and Yiddish song JUL 30 – AUG 3
With Deborah Strauss & Jeff Warschauer
Deborah and Jeff (New York) are internationally celebrated teachers of Yiddish music with a unique approach to the musical dimension of Yidishkayt. >> more

Middle Eastern Music Ensemble AUG 7-12
With Yair Dalal
Music Min el Mashrack (from the East) with the world famous master of violin and oud, Yair Dalal. >>weiter

Dance Orchestra AUG 13-18
With Alan BernIlya Shneyveys (Coordinator)Susi EvansCraig Judelman and others
Yiddish and other dance music directed by Ilya Shneyveys, deep immersion in an exciting, unique repertoire and way of playing. >>weiter

Hasidic Music AUG 6-9
With Moussa Berlin & Odeleya Berlin 
One of the most spiritual and joyful repertoires in Jewish music, this year with music from the Lag BaOmer festival on Mount Meron. >>weiter