Yiddish Language

Greatly expanded program of Yiddish language classes in YSW 2018! Four consecutive levels, each course led by two teachers, six hours a day of instruction plus free admission to all YSW events, including evening jam sessions, concerts and more.

Sign up for all four weeks and pay for only three!

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Beginning 1 JUL 22-28
With Khane-Gele Neuberg & Janina Wurbs

Beginning 2 JUL 29 - AUG 4
With Mendy Cahan & Janina Wurbs

Intermediate AUG 5-11
With Mendy Cahan, Diana MatutYuri Vedenyapin

Advanced AUG 12-18
With Avraham LichtenbaumYuri Vedenyapin

“The Art of Badkhones” AUG 5-7
With Mendy Cahan
The only class in the world on the art of the badkhn, marshalik or lets, the Yiddish master of ceremonies and verbal jester at weddings and other festivities. >> more