Dear friends and guests,

despite double and triple checking there is a small error in the program booklet: the dance performance and the dance ball on Aug 18 is of course on Saturday, not Friday. You're warmly invited to "A shtim fun harts" on Friday and to watch dance and dance yourself on Saturday.
May we enjoy a fulfilling final week of Yiddish Summer Weimar!

Yiddish Summer Weimar 2018

Sound the accordions! The full program is online -  workshops, concerts, jam sessions, dance events, films, lectures, special projects and much more, exploring Yiddish culture and its many intercultural connections.

People from all over the world have discovered Yiddish Summer Weimar - you, too? There are things to do for people of all ages and levels of experience. How you put it all together is up to you.
This year, our special topic is The Other Israel: New Spaces. We've invited some very special artists, scholars and public figures whose work creates new possibilities to share their worlds with us. Check out the workshop and event descriptions and register right now! See you soon in Weimar!