Documentary Film Series
August 8, 10 & 11 4 p.m. @OMA

This year we’re delighted to present films that offer a “behind-the-scenes” look at music projects appearing live in concert during YSW.

Free admission.

Two Documentary Films with Amit Weisberger (directed by Aude Weisberger)
August 8  Wed 4 p.m. @OMA

Le Voyage des Klezmorim/The Journey of the Klezmorim
In summer 2009, shortly after its founding, the Beigale Orchestra made an expedition to Israel. This film follows the band of young French musicians between bars in Tel Aviv and Hasidim in Jerusalem, as they explore questions of identity, origins, and sources provoked by the extraordinary power of traditional music.
In French with English subtitles.

Une Roulotte Pour La Paix/A Horse and Wagon for Peace
In summer 2003, the renowned Israeli/French klezmer musician, Amit Weisberger, packed his family onto a covered wagon for a journey through Europe to Jerusalem. This film tells of their discoveries, and of a symbol of peace in Israel and Palestine.
In French with English subtitles.

Dokumentary film: Caravan Orchestra
August 10  Fri 4 p.m. @OMA

Director: Alena Kroker
Cinematography: Anna Bilousova, Ruo-Jin Yen, Cristina Torrecilla Rubio
Sound & Mix: Kevin Jahnel 
Production: Maria Fernanda Sánchez Santafé, Alba Bresolí, Jessica Krecisz 
Editing: Mallak Hawary, Kassandra Krühsel
Colour Correction: Adam Streicher
Developed at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, supervised by Prof. Wolfgang Kissel, Nicola Hens.
Supported by: Ralf Finke (Press Spokesperson Stadt Weimar). Funded by Merkurbank as supporter of the Medienkunstpreises 2017 of Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.

What do you get when you put a Korean classical violin conservatory student, a German jazz trumpet player, an Israeli Arab oud player and 27 other musicians in a rehearsal room?
You get the Caravan Orchestra, a project of YSW that invited young professional musicians based in Germany and Israel to share their diverse musical traditions and create a never-before-heard music in a single orchestra. This film, made by students at the Bauhaus University, traces each step of this unlikely but necessary and inspiring orchestra, from first meetings to the final triumphant concert.
In English, German, Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles.

You find this year's concerts of the Caravan Orchestra here.

Documentary Film: The Young Kadyas
August 11  Sat 4 p.m. @OMA

A film by Yvonne Andrä, Wolfgang Andrä, Marius Böttcher and Stefan Petermann.
A 1meter60 Film production. Funded by Thüringer Filmförderung.

Last year, 26 teenage girls from Germany and Israel went on a musical expedition between Jaffa and Weimar, and between two completely different concepts of what a choir is. A rocky road nevertheless led to a remarkable concert of new songs composed by Alan Bern, based on Yiddish children’s poems by Kadya Molodowsky. This film, created by the Weimar-based 1meter60 film team is an unvarnished look at the encounters, the disappointments and the joys that occurred along the way.
In Arabic, Hebrew, German, English & Yiddish with German subtitles.

You find this year's concerts of the Kadya Youth Choir here (Weimar) and here (Erfurt).