Hasidic Music Workshop
Aug 6 - 9 @Musikschule 

10 a.m. – 1 p.m. & 3 – 6 p.m.

With Moussa Berlin & Odeleya Berlin

Hasidic music is without a doubt one of the deepest and most spiritual traditions in the world of Jewish music. Central to hasidic music are nigunim, melodies (with or without words) for dancing, meditation and community gatherings that transmit a powerful spiritual purpose. For generations, nigunim have also inspired klezmer music, and continue to do so today in the klezmer revival, New Jewish Music and New Yiddish Music scenes.

For five decades, clarinetist Moshe (Moussa) Berlin has been the preeminent musician for hasidic and klezmer music in Israel. A living legend, Moussa embodies the joyful, ecstatic music of the annual Lag Ba’Omer celebration in Meron – 24 hours of music, dance, prayer attended by hundreds of thousands of people from throughout Israel and the rest of the world. Moussa will be joined in this workshop by his daughter, Odeyela, a powerful composer, keyboardist and vocalist who has changed the face of Orthodox Jewish women’s music in Israel and abroad. We are extraordinarily honored and grateful that Moussa and Odeleya have agreed to lead this year’s Hasidic Music Workshop. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to study instrumental and vocal nigunim and hasidic songs directly from two remarkable human beings who represent the great hasidic tradition and its current transformations.

This workshop is for instrumentalists and vocalists with at least intermediate technical proficiency and the ability to learn music by ear.

Workshop fee: Standard 285 € / Reduced 225 € / Supporter 385 € / Under 18: 125 €
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