Children’s Song Workshop
July 23 – 29 @OMA
Yiddish Children’s Songs for young and old
10:00 – 13:00 & 15:00 – 18:00

With Diana MatutAndreas Schmitges
Artists-in-Residence: Alix Trayne Neuberg, Héloïse Kreyndl Neuberg & Zoé Shprintse Neuberg

For everyone aged 8 to 120

During every Yiddish Summer Weimar from 2012-16, the Children’s Song Workshop amazed participants and audiences alike by showing what a group of energetic children and young-at-heart adults can accomplish in just one week! Led by Diana Matut, this workshop is a joyful adventure in music, arts & crafts and language. After a break in 2017 to make room for the Kadya Choir project in Israel, the Children's Song Workshop returns to Yiddish Summer Weimar in 2018! So come join us as we learn Yiddish song, theater, language, dance and much more in an open, sharing atmosphere, led by faculty and young artists who are at home in Yiddish music, language and culture.

Please bring along a folder for the songs, as well as scissors, pencils, a paintbrush and paint, and glue. We look forward to seeing you soon in Weimar!

Workshop Fee: 405 € Standard / 315 € Reduced / 555 € Sponsor / 165 € under 18

Families (up to 2 children and 2 adults/parents or grandparents): 550 €. This special family bonus is not bookable through our automatic booking system. If you want to participate as a family in the workshop, please send an email to .

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