Avraham Lichtenbaum

Avrom Lichtenbaum was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, received his education on Yiddish, Jewish history, Hebrew and pedagogy in Israel and Argentina, and taught at primary and high schools. He served as the principal of “Sholem-Aleikhem-Mitlshul” for 25 years.

Now he is executive director of the Argentinian YIVO (“Yidisher Visnshaftlekher Institut”), and teaches Yiddish at YIVO, Argentinian universities, at the summer courses of YIVO New York and New York University. He taught in Warsaw, Hamburg and for the past 25 years at the summer course in Vilnius. 3 years ago, he started teaching Yiddish literature for the “Arbeter Ring” online, and is regularly invited for lectures on the Yiddish language, literature and Jewish topics in Argentina and Latin America (Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil). He is mainly interested in the bookshelf of Yiddish writers (Yiddish and Yiddishkeyt), Jewish humor and the historical processes that are reflected in modern Yiddish literature. At the Yiddish workshops in Weimar, he will focus on where language, literature and history are to be found in the works of Mendele Moykher-Sforim, Sholem Aleikhem, Perets and Sholem Ash.