Georg Brinkmann (D; clarinet, vocals, dance leading)

Georg has toured from Sydney to New York with several klezmer ensembles. His current projects include Brinkmann & Spehl and  the nigun project Schenk & Brinkmann. He is the leader of the Klezmertreff Bonn, teaches at klezmer workshops and is the artistic director of Bonner Klezmertage as well as the founder of the Klezmer- und Balkantanzhaus in Bonn.

As well as playing concerts, he gives talks on klezmer music, including a special program for children called “What can grow without rain?” and a  solo program on the relationship between language and music in yiddish culture.

Georg lives  in Bonn, splitting his time between being a musician, teacher and a clown for hospitals.

Photo: Meike Lindeck