Chorny/Ghergus Duo & friends
Russian and Soviet Songs in Yiddish
Jul 25 Wed  8 p.m. @Jüdische Landesgemeinde Erfurt  [YSW goes Erfurt]
Admission: 19.50 € / 10.50 €
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Vocalist Chorny and pianist Ghergus enrapture audiences and educate students throughout the world with the power of their artistry and the originality of their Moldavian-flavored repertoire.
In this program created especially for Yiddish Summer, the duo performs songs originally composed in Russian and then translated into Yiddish, dating from the mid-19th century through the Soviet period to today. Hits from the Soviet period (Shvartse kats) share the stage with classical songs (Ikh badoyer nit), songs that glorify the Communist idea (Der royter priziv) and with intellectual poetry in contemporary translation (Di tfile fun François Villon).
A rare opportunity to experience the constantly changing, 150-year old influence of Russian history and song on Yiddish song.

Efim Chorny (MD) – voice
Susan Ghergus  (MD) – piano
Lev Guzman (D) – voice
Sasha Lurje (LV/D) – voice
Marion Minkus (D) – voice
Samuel Seifert (D) – violin, voice
Christian Dawid (D) – voice, clarinet
Sveta Kundish (UKR/IL/D) - voice
Yulia Kabakova (RU) - cello
Maria Yacubovich (RU) - voice