Aleksei Rozov & Siach HaSadeh
Double Bill Concert
July 28 Sat 8 p.m. @mon ami
Admission: 19.50 € / 10.50 €
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In his first solo concert in Weimar, violin wizard Rozov weaves musical spells with traditional klezmer tunes, nigunim and contemporary compositions. Rozov’s extraordinarily creative arrangements and improvisations coax every emotional nuance from this most expressive of instruments.

Followed by the European premiere of Siach HaSadeh, about whom New York Music Daily wrote: “among the elite vanguard of jazz-inclined improvisers breathing new life into otherworldly old Hasidic melodies from centuries past.”    

Siach HaSadeh performs improvised Jewish chamber music - uniquely focused, subtle interpretations of Hasidic nigunim, influenced by jazz, classical, Turkish and klezmer music. The band’s music is reverential, minimalist and true to the original spirit of the Hasidic melodies, while exploring a vast space of self-expression drawing on the very diverse musical backgrounds of its members.

Line up:
Aleksei Rozov (RUS) - violin
Yoni Kaston (CDN) - clarinet
Joel Kerr (CDN) - double bass
Daniel Fuchs (CDN) - violin
Gaël Huard (CDN) - cello