Final Concert
Song Workshop – The Other Israel
August 5 Sun 8 p.m. @mon ami
Eintritt: 19.50 € / 10.50 €
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After a week of exploring traditional and contemporary Yiddish, Sephardic, Hebrew, Iraqi, Bedouin and Moroccan song, the workshop participants gather one last time to present the fruits of their labor. These are but a few of the New Spaces in today’s Other Israel that will come to life before us in memorable solo and group performances.  


Line up:
Workshop participants
Sveta Kundish (UKR/IL/D) – voice
Esti Kenan Ofri (IL) – voice, percussion
Naomi Cohn Zentner (IL) – voice
Susan Ghergus (MD) – piano
Sasha Lurje (LV/D) – voice
Efim Chorny (MD) – voice
Alan Bern (USA/D) – accordion, piano
Yair Dalal (IL) - voice, oud, violin