Moussa & Odeleya Berlin
Father and daughter, leading lights
August 7 Tue 7 p.m. @Prager Haus, Apolda
Free admission, donations are kindly requested

For decades, Moussa Berlin has been the preeminent klezmer clarinetist and performer of Hasidic instrumental music in Israel. His name and music are inseparable from the Lag BaOmer celebrations at Mount Meron that drew more than 500,000 people in 2017.  His daughter, pianist and vocalist Odeleya Berlin, is at the forefront of a new and powerful movement of Orthodox Jewish women’s music in Israel. This father/daughter duo expresses a living spirit of Israel that is rarely experienced outside the country.

This program follows the journey of melodies from the Hasidic courts and towns of Europe to Israel, including well-known songs and rare anecdotes about the music and the klezmorim who transmit it.

Line up:
Odeleya Berlin (IL) - voice, piano
Moussa Berlin (IL) - clarinet